400-1887-007The water line:
Let the domestic high-end consumers really can buy high-quality, high quality and high standards of food safety, improve quality of life and quality for family health help, not because of concerns about food safety issues and day.
Fannie Bay
Water sources: from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, there are snow-capped peaks, dense coniferous forest deep, broad valleys, clear streams, the last one is a human Pure Land. In Chilliwack, Canada, water is the city featured people proud. In 1997 and 1999 (the last session), the Canadian Water Quality Association (the Canadian Water Resource Association) authorized Chilliwack "Canada's Best Drinking Water" Award (best drinking water in Canada).

"Fannie Bay" natural glacier water will not only bring 5,000 m snow-capped glaciers gift to the world, but also gave the world a healthier lifestyle.