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Water quiz

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  • QWhat is a mineral?

    According to China National Standard GB8537-2008 "drinking natural mineral water" in the definition of mineral water is: "From the depths of underground natural hot or collected by drilling, a certain amount of minerals, trace elements or other ingredients in certain areas of unspoiled and take precautions to avoid contamination of water;. under normal circumstances, the dynamic indicators of chemical composition, flow rate, temperature and other relatively stable within the range of natural cyclical fluctuations "
    National standards for mineral water provides 57 must test water quality indicators, after more than one year observation on water, water, water temperature, water quality dynamic monitoring project through, identified by the expert panel, the department in charge of mineral Mineral after registration, before officially named mineral water.

  • QMineral water is formed?

    Mineral water is a valuable mineral resources, and only under certain special geological structure and hydrogeological conditions, after a long geological ages, under high temperature, high pressure environment through natural purification, leaching, ion exchange enrichment of the combined effects of the surrounding rock minerals, trace elements transferred to the water, will it be possible to form a standards-compliant mineral water.

  • QMineral water is healthy water right?

    Modern scientific research has found that long-term residents of drinking mineral water, the prevalence of certain diseases is significantly lower than other sources of drinking the local population, but the growth indicators of growth, the average life expectancy. The fundamental reason is that healthy mineral water meets the following conditions:
    · Mineral water is deep groundwater, no pollution, no pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms, and no harmful substances.
    Mineral rich in calcium and magnesium ions, moderate hardness.
    Mineral weakly alkaline, PH value is mostly in the 7-8.5 range.
    · Mineral water contains a certain amount of total dissolved solids.
    In addition, mineral water also contains some trace elements essential for the body, is very beneficial to health. Therefore, the share of mineral water is healthy water.

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